Our Equipment and Machinery division are engaged to assist you with different types of Machinery and Production plants and the complete range of Quality Control Equipment and Testing Equipment. For your continuous need of spares parts and consumable parts.

Our Equipment Department works for:

For over 35 years, TVH – Group Thermote & Vanhalst has had the reputation of being a company with a passion for forklift trucks, aerial platforms and industrial in-plant vehicles. For more than 17 000 customers, in over 160 countries, TVH looks for and offers the best solution. As the world’s biggest one-stop-shop, the company ensures that everything is delivered to your door within the shortest time possible. TVH embraces 5 different divisions, each one with its specific specializations:

Franchising with Walker Magnets GGB offers:
1. Workholding& Clamping
2. Lifting Magnets
3. Magnetic Separation

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